Additional Guidelines and specific rules for order and Discipline


A.  At 6:50 a.m., all the students must proceed to the quadrangle and form their lines accordingly. All class Advisers are 

     advised to be with their pupils/students in their respective area.

B. Proper conduct must be observed during the morning ceremony.

C. Everyone is expected to fully participate in the recitation of the prayer, pledge, singing of the Philippine National  Anthem       and the Alma Mater.

D. All are expected to pray the Holy Rosary religiously.

E. Everyone is expected to be attentive to the announcements before/after the flag ceremony.

F. Pupils/Students in-charge should be properly prepared for any task/s assigned to them.

G. In going back to the classroom from Flag Ceremony and other related activities, proper line formation must be      

      observed. Student leaders and teachers are advised to strictly enforce.

H. While classes are going on, no teacher is allowed to send out pupils/students from his/her class to run for an errand.

I. Loitering and howling are strictly prohibited while classes are going on.

J. The school is implementing Zero Waste Program/Bring Your Own (BYO). All students are required to bring their own                drinking bottle and utensils. 



          Everybody is expected to STAND, STOP and PRAY the Angelus at 12:00 noon with REVERENCE.


        Parents/Guardians are allowed to celebrate the Birthday of their sons/daughters inside the classroom with their classmates. This can develop camaraderie among pupils/students. However, the foods that the parents should prepare will not be placed in a styrofoam.

          With this, parents/guardians are advised to seek Birthday Pass from the Office of the Principal at least five days (5) before the celebration.  The Directors’ Hall can be used as a venue for the party with a minimal charge.  Birthday celebration should be done during recess, lunchtime or after a class hour only.