a.  A student/pupil is considered tardy if he/she is not in the line when 

    the first bell rings in the morning during the flag ceremony. He/She is     also considered tardy in the class if he/she is not in the classroom          five minutes after the time.

b.  Three (3) consecutive times tardiness is equivalent to one (1) day 

      of absence.

c.  A tardy student should present the Admission Slip located in this 

     Handbook duly signed by the parents/guardian and should be 

     presented to the School Principal/Prefect of Students/Guidance        Counselor before he/she should be admitted in the classroom.

d. Tardiness is a serious offense and subject to disciplinary action.

e.  A total of twenty (20) times tardiness within the school year puts a         student in Conduct Probation.