School Policies



1.  All pupils/students must wear the prescribed uniforms at all times. The school’s official uniform, white blouse and                red skirts for the girls, polo jacket and khaki long pants for the elementary boys, polo jacket and black long pants for high       school boys. The school uniform should be worn from Monday to Friday except during their P. E. schedule. Gala Uniform     is worn during First Friday Mass and other special occasions like Graduation Day, First Communion, etc.            Scout          Uniform is worn every Monday after the Investiture Ceremony of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

2. The school is strictly implementing the NO I.D., NO ENTRY Policy. School I. D. must be worn at all times and it       

    should be kept from trimmings and other decorations. It is non-transferable. Lending this to other students would 

    mean confiscation. In case of lost I. D., a pupil/student should notify the school through the class adviser for 


3. Students must tap their I.D. upon entering and leaving the school campus.


        All students/pupils are advised to wear proper attire in all school’s activities. The following outfits are not allowed:

a.  dress/blouse with spaghetti straps;

b.  tube dress/blouse;

c.  plunging neckline;

d.  mini skirt;

e.  short shorts;

f.   backless;

g.  see-through outfit;

h.  slippers; and

i.   hanging blouses/above the belly seeing the navel.

       Students are prohibited to wear the school uniform after classes especially in doing the following activities:

a)  roaming or loitering around the public places like malls, cinemas, internet cafes, etc.

b)  partying and going to other houses;

c)  playing billiards, volleyball and basketball outside; and

d)  hanging on the street corners with outsider friends




a)  The prescribed haircut for boys is two by three (2x3) in measurement.

b)  Haircut inspection is every first week of the month.

c)  Girls with long hair must be neatly combed/tied/braided.



     Excuse slips, admission slips, tardy slips, permits, and other important communication must be done/transacted through this Handbook.

    Appointment can be made by the parent or guardian who wishes to confer with any of the administrators and/teachers must be done two (2) days before the conference. The School Principal and the teacher must acknowledge the said appointment through this Handbook also.

   Notices/Announcements are to be posted on the School’s Bulletin Boards, SNCS Official FB Page/Website, and SMS notification. It is the responsibility of all students, faculty members and staff to always read the posted notices or announcements. Tampering of Bulletin Boards is a serious offense and is subject to disciplinary action.




a)  An adviser or a subject teacher is not allowed to conduct tutorials to his/her own pupil/student.

b)  Transactions on tutorials must be done in the Office of the Principal/Academic Coordinator.

c)  Tutorials must be based upon the needs of the pupils/students and upon the recommendation of the subject 

           teachers and the subject area coordinators.

d) Tutorials must not be done inside the school. If the tutor is from the school, he/she will be the one to go to the 

          house of the tutee.

e)  The tutor then must be required to submit quarterly assessment/evaluation of his/her tutee to the Office of the 

            Principal/Academic Coordinator.





     Classes in PRE-SCHOOL level are automatically suspended if Public Storm Signal No. 1 is declared in the NCR Region. However, if Public Storm Signal No. 2 is being forecasted, there will be NO CLASSES in the Elementary and High School Levels.





a)  To ensure security measure, only students/pupils, members of the faculty and staff and other employees and 

     those who have legitimate business transactions in the school are allowed to enter the school premises.

b)  No vehicle is allowed to enter the school campus without GATE PASS from the guard on duty.

c)  Pupils/Students are not allowed to stay in the school premises beyond 5:00 p.m. unless there is a scheduled 

     activity of his/her club/organization permitted by the school administration.

d)  All pupils from Nursery to Grade 3 must be accompanied by the advisers to the Fetcher’s Area during dismissal 


e) Visitor who have official business transactions must log in or register in the entrance gate and secure Gate Pass 

     from the guard on duty before entering the campus. 

f)  Guns and weapons are not allowed inside the school premise. They must be surrendered to the guard on duty.



     Every student is required to help keep the school clean and orderly. Scraps of papers, wrappers, peelings, empty can or bottles, etc. must be disposed properly in their proper containers. Waste segregation is strictly implemented in this school.


   Daily classroom cleaning with the supervision of the adviser is part of our routinary activities. But it should not exceed for fifteen minutes (15) period.




Cleanliness and orderliness are strictly enforced inside and outside the classroom at all times.


a)  Order and silence must be observed inside the school campus especially along the corridors, stairways,                                 classroom, offices, clinic, library, fetcher’s area and even at the school canteen at all times.

b)  Everyone is expected to walk quietly along the above mentioned places during break time and other school-

     related activities. Playing and running are also prohibited.

c)  Pupils/Students are not allowed to loiter around while classes are going on.

d)  Pupils/Students must maintain an atmosphere of prayer (i.e. silence, respect and solemnity inside the church 

      especially during the mass).




a)  No pupil/student shall be withdrawn from the class except when there is a written notice presented to the 


b) Pupils/Students should stay inside their respective classroom while waiting for their teachers. If the teacher will 

    not arrive ten (10) minutes after his/her scheduled time, the Class President will be the one to go to the Office of 

    the Principal/Academic Coordinator to report the absence of their teacher.

c) No pupil/student is allowed to enter the Faculty Room unless accompanied by a teacher.

d) Pupils/Students are expected to observe courtesy and discipline at all times. They are expected to use the 

    greetings taught which is “Good Morning, Welcome to ___________ (state the Level and Section) Praised be 

   Jesus Christ, Now and forever Amen!

e) Concern and consideration should be manifested by being quiet and not making unnecessary noise whenever                       the teacher or a classmate is speaking inside the class.

f)   A pupil or student should never transfer from one seat to another without asking permission from the teacher.                          He/She should stand straight when reciting and shall never answer or make remarks unless given the time to do                    so.

g) During school programs or any related activities, pupils/students are expected to clap their hands properly in                          appreciation to a performance made. They are also expected to listen and watch attentively to the performance.                    Strictly NO HOWLING.

h) Teachers/Class Advisers are expected to watch the performance with their pupils/students.

i)  Borrowing/Using the facilities needed in the culminating activities must be done based on the S.O.P.

j) Everybody is required to stay until the program is finished.