Promotion, Graduation, and retention

Grading System, Etc

For Grades 1-10, a learner who Did Not Meet Expectations in at most two learning areas must take remedial classes. Remedial classes are conducted after the Final Grades have been computed. The learner must pass the remedial classes to be promoted to the next grade level.


For Grades 11-12, learners who fail a unit/set of competencies must be immediately given remedial classes. They should pass the summative assessments during the remediation to avoid a failing grade in a learning area/subject.



-adapted from DepEd Order No. 8, series of 2015

B.      Graduation Requirements

1.   Passing grades in all subjects.

2.   Accomplishing all the requirements prescribed by the school.

3.   Clearance duly signed by the school authorities.


       A graduating pupil/student who has a disciplinary record due to a major offense is no longer qualified for Fidelity Award and will not be given a Certificate of Good Moral Character, and as the case may be, is not allowed to attend the Graduation Rites. Fidelity Award is given to a graduating student who studied in the school from preschool (Grade 1) to Grade 12.