School Activities, Etc.


A. Students/Pupils in every club/organization who will be having their activity inside and outside the school shall be      given activity slip by their moderators/advisers. Parents shall sign the said activity slip so that the school will know     if they are allowing their children to join the activity. The moderator/adviser shall not allow the student/pupil to            participate in the scheduled activity unless he/she shall present the slip.


1. The school may require all the pupils/students to join the Extra-Curricular Activities from time to time. These              activities are designed to foster desirable attitudes such as cooperation, initiative, responsibility, creativity,                leadership and appreciation among students.

2.  The school will notify the parents/guardian regarding the activities before the scheduled activity.

3. A project proposal is required for any club which may include field trips, JS PROM, BSP/GSP Investiture,             Graduation Ball, Victory Ball, Foundation Day Celebration, etc. and is subject for approval by the                          administration.

4. The school held no responsibility regarding some personal activities of students which are not allowed by               the school’s administration.