Philosophy,  Goals, and Objectives


          SNCS is a Parochial Educational Institution inspired by Sto. Niño as simple, humble and competent committed in providing transformative and quality Catholic Education.


          SNCS serves as the evangelizing arm of Sto. Niño de Taguig Parish and is committed to deliver transformative, quality Catholic Education. To achieve this goal, SNCS is guided by the following objectives:

1. To turn into a living proof of Christian Discipleship by:

● Upholding Gospel values

● Strengthening love for the Eucharist

● Becoming witnesses of Christ

2. To demonstrate evidence of active witness of Sto. Niῆans values especially:

● Simple

● Humble

● Competent

3. To adhere to a dynamic and relevant Catholic education through:

● Considering Religion as the core of the curriculum

● Upgrading academic standards by the application of state-of-the-art educational practices and  technology

4. To exercise servant leadership/responsible stewardship through:

● Active involvement in projects to serve the needy and the less fortunate

● Responsible care of the environment

● Making pride of one’s Filipino heritage