School  History


STO. NIÑO CATHOLIC SCHOOL, INC. is the only Catholic School in the heart of Signal Village, Taguig City. It was founded by the parishioners of Sto. Niño Parish headed by the first Diocesan Priest in the person of Rev. Fr. Wilfredo (Charlie) Jundis. As an evangelizing arm of Sto. Niño de Taguig Parish, SNCS is founded to take part in the realization of the role of the prophets in spreading the Good News of the Lord. Thus, Religion/Christian Living is integrated in all the disciplines and across the curriculum. 

SNCS, initially known as Sto. Niño Learning Center, began as a preparatory school with just 28 Kindergarten pupils. It was situated near the former Sto. Niño Parish, which is now the San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel, and was located in front of the Barangay Hall in Central Signal Village, Taguig City. 

The following year, 1989, marked its official registration as STO. NIÑO CATHOLIC SCHOOL, INC. By 1994, the school had relocated to its current location on Sampaloc St., Zone 1, Signal Village, Taguig City. In 2004, SNCS achieved a notable milestone by becoming a PEAC participating school. 

Under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Amando Litana, SNCS expanded its building to include up to the fourth floor. Subsequently, the improvement of school facilities continued under the direction of the next director, Rev. Fr. Salvador O. Yun. In 2013, under the stewardship of Rev. Fr. Paulino G. Balagtas, the construction of the Director's Hall was completed, thereby enhancing the school's facilities. In 2016, guided by Rev. Fr. Orlando B. Cantillon, the construction of a covered court further enhanced the school's amenities 

In 2018, SNCS achieved another significant milestone by officially becoming a member of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), further solidifying its connections within the Catholic educational community. Then, in 2023, SNCS proudly celebrated its 35th founding anniversary, a testament to its rich history and unwavering commitment to providing quality education. Under the guidance of the school director, Rev. Fr. Tirso A. Gliponeo, the school has been actively enhancing its facilities, as evidenced by the refurbishment of certain offices and the establishment of new facilities. 

SNCS's history is a tale of triumph and achievement, showcasing the dedication of individuals committed to delivering the highest quality Catholic education to learners. 

Our Motto: “Sto. Niñans, Persons of SIMPLICITY, HUMILITY, and COMPETENCE"