sto nino hymn(final).mp4

Sto. Niño Hymn


When the sun rises

We heard loud voices singing

We all come together

For another day of learning


The rooms become filled

And the books are open

Their hearts become full

As their minds are broadened


For in the school of Sto. Niño

We live and believe

That honor is rooted in justice

Respect results in peace

That love of God is love of neighbor

And all are equal even if poor

From all ages and different places

In one voice we proclaim

Alma Mater we salute thy noble aim.


When the sun sets

And the voices fade

Footsteps bring home new learning

That we all have made.


We look into the future

Filled with echoes of goodness and hope

We look back and say

The past has made what we are today.


(Repeat Chorus)